At the Oscar’s: Red-carpet glamor knows no age!

By Stages of Beauty on March 2nd, 2012

At this year’s Academy Awards, red-carpet glamor knows no age! Actresses and actors dazzled the red carpet more than ever. This time around it was the women past their 30′s that were SHOW STOPPERS.
Of course, we all know Jennifer Lopez (in her 40s) and Cameron Diaz (late 30s) are both drop dead gorgeous natural beauties. They not only presented together, but both had on racy little numbers in shades of white.

Newcomer, Viola Davis has been truly taking the red carpet by storm! She has reached success in her acting career in her 40s and says she is so grateful to finally make it.
Not only are her dresses and athletic build phenomenal, she carries herself as a true beauty regardless of age. Viola was also applauded for embracing her natural hair.

Who had the most radiant skin at the Oscars? Our vote is for Sandra Bullock and Oprah! Sandra Bullock, who is rocking her late 40s, has seemingly flawless skin and is known for pulling off a very classy yet young looks. She even showed some culture speaking German as she presented on stage. Oprah is typically underrated in the beauty department, but WOW her skin truly has been looking so great into her late 50s! It’s important to see the media shedding some much deserved spotlight on beauty at all ages!


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